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How Vitrium’s Secured Content Bookmark Feature Works

April 06, 2018

When you upload a PDF file to Vitrium Security that has Bookmarks, Vitrium preserves the functionality when encrypting and adding digital rights controls to the file. A Bookmark is an internal link in the text that appears in the Bookmarks panel in the navigation side pane of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. 

When you click on the link in the navigation pane, you are taken to the page or portion of the document connected to that link. In this way, it functions like an interactive Table of Contents. Bookmarks are often generated automatically when creating PDFs from the table-of-content entries of documents from publishing programs.  

In this short video, we take a look at the 'Bookmark' feature, available in both the Adobe PDF and Secure Web Viewer reading options. 

Learn more about specific functions and features of Vitrium Security at the Vitrium University.