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Webinar: Protect Your Content & Maximize Your Revenue

April 30, 2016

It's easier than ever to share content and your readers could be freely distributing your materials without consent, cutting into your revenue streams. While you want to protect your content against uncontrolled distribution, it's also important to maintain a positive user experience so you don't lose customers or subscribers.

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Webinar: Your Document Bodyguard: How to Protect Your Customer's Shareable Assets

April 28, 2016

Your customers share business documents, learning/training materials, legal documents, contracts, sensitive information, and other assets that are critical to their operations. In this webinar we take a detailed look at a leading document security solution you can add to your offerings that will let you help your customers avoid the hassle and high costs of losing or accidentally leaking[...]

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Podcast: Coffee in the Clouds with NYDLA

January 31, 2016

Grant Burnard is the Chief Technology Officer for Vitrium and is responsible for the overall product direction of the company. He is one of the chief architects and implementers of Vitrium’s document security solution, Protectedpdf. He discuss document security with Thomas Capone from NYDLA.

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