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Companies Need to do Better at Document Security - Vitrium Offers Two Great New Resources to Help Learn How to Secure PDF Documents

July 03, 2014

[PR Web] Vitrium™, a leading provider of PDF security and DRM solutions, wants to bring best practices for document security to the forefront of the global discussion happening today around data security, and ensure that companies have all the information they need to make informed choices.

  Vitrium’s new white paper, What Documents Need Protecting Most?, addresses the need to decipher which[...]

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Vitrium To Release Exciting New Features for Protectedpdf® Document Security DRM Software

June 12, 2014

[PR Web] Vitrium™, a leading provider of PDF protection and document security solutions, announced today a major upgrade of its document protection solution, Protectedpdf®, to be released July 16, 2014.

  A sweeping set of new features to be released July 16, 2014 will bring a fresh new look, enhanced security, and more utility to Vitrium’s popular Protectedpdf® document security software, and[...]

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Decision-makers want to trust service providers

June 04, 2014

Trust has always had a major factor in the adoption of advanced technologies, as decision-makers are often forced to take the vendor's word as to how well the solution's document security capabilities perform. In today's age of cloud computing, assurance continues to play a significant role in the hosted service's adoption.

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Cloud is Imperative, Though Not Without Risks

May 29, 2014

  As companies continue to acquire more data, many executives are fearful of inadvertently exposing sensitive information through poor practices, especially as the cyber risk landscape becomes more sophisticated. This was highlighted in a recent study of 100 CIOs by Protiviti, which revealed that 84 percent of respondents are either somewhat or very concerned about digital document security[...]

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Majority of healthcare firms experience data loss

May 15, 2014

A new study by the Ponemon Institute revealed that approximately 94 percent of the healthcare industry has experienced at least one data breach within the last few years. With each incident costing about $1.2 million, the industry could face losses of around $7 billion in 2014.

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Cloud Continues Evolving, Driving Business Change

April 30, 2014

Cloud computing continues to gain momentum in the private sector, forcing decision-makers to acknowledge and adapt to the technology. In a recent blog post, James Staten, principal analyst at Forrester Research, said business executives will really buckle down and embrace the cloud.   In the past, organizations were obsessed with developing a fine-tuned service-level agreement (SLA) to ensure[...]

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Document Security Fears Preventing Cloud Adoption, Study Finds

April 24, 2014

Few would contest the notion that cloud computing is one of the most powerful technological developments in recent years. With the cloud, firms can become more flexible while saving money and resources.   However, as a recent study demonstrated, many U.K. business decision-makers are hesitant to adopt the technology due to fears concerning inadequate document security.   Cloud Pro reported[...]

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Vitrium Revolutionizes PDF Document Security and DRM With New Hassle-free Web Features for Protectedpdf®

March 27, 2014

[PR Web] Vitrium™, a leading provider of PDF protection and document security solutions, announced today that it has revolutionized how PDF documents can be viewed with the launch of its new HTML5 based web viewer this past January.

  This makes the company the first document security software provider to go to market with an online secure PDF viewer – and it’s already receiving glowing[...]

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SMBs must up security strategies

March 20, 2014

Although small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are often considered the heart and soul of the private sector, their inability to implement advanced document security initiatives could hinder their influence. Although many enterprises work with SMBs to develop more robust leads and deploy innovative software, vulnerable SMBs are often avoided, according to a Dark Reading report.

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Mobile security initiatives need new boundaries

March 13, 2014

A new study by InformationWeek Reports noted that document security, records protection and overall data loss prevention strategies will need to be reevaluated in 2014 due to the emergence of several technologies now being used across the private sector. The survey revealed that managing the complexity of security initiatives and enforcing governance policies were among the top challenges[...]

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Security Training Necessary to Minimize Data Exposure

March 06, 2014

  As cloud, mobile and social computing continue to gain momentum in the business world, the possibility of exposing confidential assets increases. Decision-makers need to adopt the most innovative document protection tools to keep sensitive resources protected from both insiders and outsiders.   A recent report by IT Governance highlighted these concerns, noting that many organizations fail[...]

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Survey finds companies failing to encrypt confidential resources

February 24, 2014

A new study by SecurityMetrics revealed that many companies are not implementing the appropriate document security tools to keep personal information safe. In fact, a number of healthcare, hospitality and retail organizations have failed to encrypt confidential payment card data, which could be exposed by cybercriminals.   "Whether a business stores unencrypted card data because of an[...]

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Encryption, Advanced Security Tools Keep Cloud-based Resources Safe

February 19, 2014

Businesses today are embracing the digital age and have begun using cloud computing and other technologies to enhance their ability to manage the growing number of online resources. Since the virtual environments are relatively new, however, many decision-makers are looking for innovative document protection tools to ensure the safety of mission-critical resources.   In a recent discussion[...]

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Big data requires next-generation planning

February 12, 2014

The Information Security Forum, widely considered to be among the world's leading information security and risk management bodies, recently said the advent of big data has introduced a number of document security concerns. Regardless of the potential benefits the technologies provide, decision-makers need to address vulnerabilities as soon as possible or risk exposing confidential information,[...]

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Study: Businesses unaware of security vulnerabilities

February 05, 2014

A new study by B2B International revealed that roughly half of companies around the world are unaware of the document security issues they face each day. The survey, which polled more than 3,300 senior-level IT professionals, also found that approximately 58 percent of respondents lack the necessary resources to ensure mission-critical information remains safe.

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Firms must not overlook document protection responsibility in cloud

January 27, 2014

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Peter Hustinx recently issued a warning for organizations using the cloud, emphasizing the importance of document protection.

In an opinion titled "Unleashing the potential of Cloud Computing in Europe," Hustinx advocated for the creation of standard clauses for cloud computing contracts that would clearly define where responsibility lies regarding[...]

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Balancing risk management strategies

January 14, 2014

Managing the risk landscape facing today's private sector is becoming a challenge for businesses around the world, especially as mobile and cloud technologies continue to disrupt operations. For this and other reasons, companies need to ensure that decision-makers remain in control of any initiatives aimed to improve document protection capabilities, according to an InfoWorld report.

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Evolving risk landscape requires advanced planning

December 18, 2013

Although decision-makers continue to deploy innovative document protection initiatives, the cybersecurity landscape often evolves and makes even the most advanced strategies ineffective, according to a ZDNet report. For this and other reasons, companies need to stay focused on the end game: keeping mission-critical assets away from malicious individuals.

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Employee training improves document security

December 10, 2013

For a long time, businesses have acknowledged employees as security threats instead of assets. While this is sometimes the case in today's highly sophisticated cybersecurity landscape, it doesn't necessarily need to be.

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Businesses must prioritize managing sensitive assets

November 27, 2013

Companies are often responsible for managing large volumes of documents containing sensitive customer information but are sometimes swamped with issues that make it difficult to meet privacy and security requirements. Some other businesses simply don't prioritize document protection strategies.

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