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[PRESS RELEASE] Vitrium Introduces the World's Easiest DRM Solution for PDF Protection

January 16, 2009

For immediate Release

VANCOUVER – (January 16, 2009) – Leading PDF-technology vendor Vitrium Systems announces the release of its online software service, protectedpdf® Small Business Edition (SBE).

 The Vancouver, B.C.-based Vitrium is now the only company offering SaaS PDF protection that does not require readers to download and install either a plug-in for Adobe Reader or a third-party[...]

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World's Easiest SaaS DRM Solution for PDF Protection

January 15, 2009

  Vitrium has made significant traction in the digital rights management (DRM) space with protectedpdf and the benefits of its new SaaS version are clear. Cadalyst Magazine’s Kenneth Wong had the opportunity to preview SBE at the Adobe Max Show in San Francisco last November and immediately marveled about not needing to own or install any software. “You implement the security features you[...]

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An Argument for SaaS

December 19, 2008

  If PDF is your preferred medium for issuing requests for quotes (RFQs) and requests for proposals (RFPs), you can now remotely control what the recipients can and cannot do with the file you send.  Check out the article, An Argument for SaaS: A look at on-demand project management and digital rights management services. Kenneth Wong showcases protectedpdf's new Small Business Edition in[...]

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Getting More Out of Each Click, Part 2: Docmetrics

December 17, 2008

By Tom Pick, WebMarketCentral

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Vitrium Systems Proves Out 95% Drop-Off Rate with Web Forms

December 04, 2008

Vitrium Systems conducted a split test on their website for 60 days to identify if web forms lead to a significant loss in readership. The results were staggering. They lost 95% of their audience. Less than 5% off all unique visitors actually completed the form and many of the form fills were bogus. Vitrium turned to docmetrics i.e. ate their own dog food, and the results were mind-blowing.[...]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Vitrium Systems Proves Out 95% Drop-Off Rate with Web Forms

December 01, 2008

Vitrium Systems test drives the competition to prove out 95% abandonment rate when using web forms to gate content

For immediate Release

VANCOUVER (December 1st , 2008) Vitrium Systems, the leading name in smart document technology for PDF security and tracking, today announced the statistics proving a shocking 95% abandonment rate when using web forms to gate content. The test proves the success[...]

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Make Your White Papers Work Better For You!

November 21, 2008

I came across this blog post from Brian Carroll, When is a “free download” no longer free?, which spoke about how people were tired of having to fill out web forms in order to read "free" content and then after reading it they would get bombarded with sales calls, whether or not they found the info valuable.   This is a perfect example of why docmterics offers a nice balance between web forms[...]

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Vitrium Systems Joins Adobe Partner Program

November 20, 2008

By Dan Shea, PlanetPDF   PlanetPDF announces that Vitrium Systems has joined Adobe's Solution Partner Program, which will help Vitrium in its quest to continually develop innovating and leading-edge PDF products. Partnering with Adobe will create new markets by allowing Vitrium to promote our solutions to Adobe's customers globally. Learn more about the Adobe Solution Partner Program.   Read[...]

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[PRESS RELEASE] Vitrium CEO to Speak on Sales Process for SaaS Software

November 18, 2008

Peter Nieforth will discuss success with enhanced PDF forms and analytics technology docmetrics at SIIA OnDemand conference

For immediate Release

VANCOUVER  (November 18, 2008)  Leading PDF technology vendor Vitrium Systems today announced that company CEO Peter Nieforth will speak at the SIIA OnDemand conference, in San Jose, Nov 17-19. Mr. Nieforth will be taking part in a "fireside chat" about[...]

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Content is King!

November 07, 2008 which is Guy Kawasaki’s brainchild has launched a new content marketing category according to Joe Pulizzi’s blog junta42. It’s worth noting how many more companies understand that you must have valuable content for your target audience. Content is king as David Meerman Scott says.

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Marketing: Survival of the Fittest

November 04, 2008

There’s a great article on marketers surviving the downturn on Sherpa’s blog this week titled, “SherpaBlog: Sequoia Capital Advises CEOs to Rely on Marketing to Survive Downturn”   One of the key ways to surviving the downturn and being ahead of others is to always be able to gather more actionable data about your target customer. One of the tips that Anne Holland gives is truly key, “Improve[...]

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NewMarketingTV: Interview with Peter Nieforth

October 31, 2008
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The Number One Rule for "Good" DRM

October 23, 2008

A lot of people hate DRM.This can be a hard fact to face up to for those of us who happen to make a living in the Digital Rights Management software industry. If we’re going to provide our clients and their paying customers with DRM technology that really works, we will have to face up to the antipathy many people feel towards DRM.   The way I see it, that attitude is both instructive and[...]

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The Best of Both Worlds

October 21, 2008

The hype over Web 2.0 seems to have simmered down but there’s still a great deal of excitement in the B2B marketing community about what can be achieved using new online media. With the effectiveness of cutting-edge tactics remaining unproven, though, many marketers are clinging to their old online methods.

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To Get Online Leads, What Beats Web Forms?

October 19, 2008

By Robert Williams and Peter Nieforth, for DMNews

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Vitrium Systems Announces The Docmetrics Challenge

October 16, 2008

By Nettie Hartsock, PlanetPDF

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Microsoft SharePoint Ecosystem Growing

October 15, 2008

By Richard Adhikaris,   Several companies have recently unveiled software products that extend the capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). Read how Vitrium Systems has developed a PDF protection solution for Microsoft SharePoint users to protect files in Adobe's PDF format.   Read the full article here.

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Vitrium Launches "The Docmetrics" Challenge, Guaranteed Sales Lead Generation System at the New Marketing Summit

October 14, 2008

CEO, Peter Nieforth, to Speak on Content Marketing Panel at the Event

  BOSTON, October 14, 2008, New Marketing Summit – Leading smart-PDF technology vendor Vitrium Systems today announced The docmetrics Challenge, a special program offering guaranteed high-quality sales leads to trial users of the company's web-based marketing software technology,docmetrics. The company will unveil the new[...]

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Market Media Leverages Docmetrics to Prevent Unauthorized PDF Usage

October 07, 2008

Case study highlights how PDF tracking technology helped electronic publisher win the battle against unauthorized content sharing

  VANCOUVER – (October 2, 2008) – Vitrium Systems, the leading name in smart document technology for PDF security and tracking, today announced the release of a new case study highlighting the success an electronic publishing company has had using the web-based[...]

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Vitrium Unveils Protectedpdf DRM Software for Microsoft SharePoint

October 07, 2008

SharePoint-based PDF security technology allows LOMA to protect intellectual property after transition from print to electronic documents

  VANCOUVER – (October 7, 2008) – Leading PDF technology vendor Vitrium Systems today announced that it is offering custom deployments of its Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology protectedpdf for Microsoft SharePoint.   Vitrium is the only company[...]

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