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Content Security for Providers of Standards and Codes - Testing, Inspection, and Certification Services

February 14, 2018

Our customers protect digital assets like standards and codes used in construction, design, sustainability, safety procedures, product performance, and more. Vitrium integrates with online platforms and systems to deliver secure access to standards and codes to customers. 

Learn more about Vitrium Security, by checking out our Welcome Center - Vitrium's Enterprise Content Security & DRM at a glance.  

A Canadian Standards Provider

Integration with Salesforce & Web Platform

Profile: A Canadian standards provider that promotes safety in industries and society

This Vitrium customer is a standards and codes provider that also performs testing and certification of products for safety and performance requirement. They partner with businesses and individuals to develop leading consensus-based standards that support tomorrow's technology. With a library of over 50,000 standards and codes documents, they deploy Vitrium's security technology in a customer facing platform that sells and distributes secured revenue generating standards and codes in a subscription based sales model. Codes and Standards are uploaded to the customer facing platform where, through integration, layers of security and DRM controls are automatically applied to the content. For user permissions and authentication, Vitrium's security technology integrates with the current contact database in Salesforce. Their clients pay a subscription fee, and access Secure URL/Web Links and Secure PDFs.   

Company size: 5000 employees

Audience: 30,000 subscribers 

Objective: deploy customer facing platform with secured codes and standards to be purchased through a subscription model

Content: documents containing Codes and Standards

Delivery Output: Secured PDF eBooks and Secure URL/Web Links available for download through a customer facing platform

Vitrium Edition: Enterprise - Installed

Content & DRM Settings:

  • 128-bit AES encryption (Secure PDF Files) and 256-bit AES encryption (Secure Web Links)
  • Desktop and Mobile Access
  • Restricted Printing
  • Restricted Copying
  • Expiration Date
  • Restricted Offline Access
  • User-Specific Watermarks - For Printing Only
  • Restricted sharing (device limit and IP limit)


  • User Authentication Database: the client leverages Vitrium's APIs to integrate with Salesforce 
  • Content Distribution: automated delivery of Secured Web Links and PDF files into the client's proprietary customer facing platform


An International Building Standards Seller

Integration with Magento

Profile: a member-focused association that markets codes and standards used in building and construction compliance. 

This Vitrium customer is a member-based organization that develops, creates, and publishes codes and standards used in the design, build, and compliance process for constructing safe, affordable, and resilient structures. With customers in the US and globally, they use Vitrium's technology to ensure access to documents is controlled and delivered in a personal and non-transferable manner. Vitrium Security inserts layers of encryption and security into each PDF file, which are then sold through the client's Magento deployed eCommerce system. When a client makes a purchase on their site, they automatically receive a unique serial number and a link to download a Secure PDF. 

Company size: 500 employees

Audience: 100,000 ongoing subscribers

Objective: secure digital building codes for individual sale in eCommerce platform

Content: digital version of codes and standards

Delivery Output: Secure PDF File delivered through eCommerce and email notification

Vitrium Edition: Enterprise - Hybrid (Installed or Cloud Hosted)

Content & DRM Settings:

  • 128-bit AES encryption (Secure PDF Files)
  • Restricted Printing
  • Restricted Copying
  • Expiration Date
  • Controlled Offline Access
  • User-Specific Watermarks
  • Restricted sharing (device limit and IP limit)


  • User Authentication Database: customer leverages Vitrium's APIs to integrate with eCommerce platform to issue authorization on an individual purchase level
  • Content Distribution: secured content automatically distributed via integration with university's proprietary LMS according to enrollment of students in courses 

If you have any questions or comments, or to know more details about these use cases of Vitrium Security, don't hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below.

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