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Vitrium Systems Announces the Release of Docmetrics for Electronic Document Analytics and Optimization

August 15, 2007

Innovative web-based system offers document analytics and optimization technology to companies that distribute electronic content

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Canada – August 15, 2007. Vitrium Systems today announced the release of docmetrics™, the world's first system for maximizing the effectiveness of PDF–based content. Docmetrics helps businesses that publish electronic content achieve maximum return on investment from their documents.
Docmetrics users can transform standard PDF files into dynamic documents that report a range of detailed metrics on how readers use and interact with content. The system uses these metrics to deliver reports that provide insight into how effectively the content is engaging readers.
This offers enormous value to all companies that publish PDF content. For example, the insight created by docmetrics has great benefits for business-to-business (B2B) marketers who distribute documents like brochures, data sheets and white papers as part of their demand generation activities.
Narayan Sainaney, Vitrium's President and Chief Technical Officer, said: "Marketers place a great deal of importance on being able to measure and optimize the performance of all their strategies and tactics. We saw a strong need for technology that would empower them to do this for their PDF–based campaigns."
"PDF has become an extremely important format for all sorts of content publishers," he continued, "but they have never had a way to ensure that their documents are performing as effectively and efficiently as they intended."
Docmetrics is delivered through an online application which requires no software installations or integration into existing systems. Mr. Sainaney commented: "We designed docmetrics for ease of use. It's an entirely self-contained and extremely intuitive system, so it's extraordinarily quick to adopt and easy to master."
Vitrium has developed docmetrics in response to the urgent need for technology able to enhance the capabilities of PDF technology in order to help content publishers overcome the inherent limitations of conventional document distribution practices.
Mr. Sainaney said: "The metrics currently available to document publishers don't provide any insight into how people actually use PDF content. With our technology, content providers get data on how readers behave within documents." To protect reader privacy, this data is only collected with the explicit permission of document readers.

About Vitrium Systems

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vitrium Systems is a private company specializing in document rights management and tracking solutions built using the innovative protectedpdf™ software engine.For more information about Vitrium Systems, visit