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Insider threats may jeopardize document security

November 20, 2012

Keeping sensitive digital documents protected is a priority for many businesses, leading decision-makers to implement advanced security tools. Unfortunately, insiders go unnoticed even though they are often the culprits behind data breaches, according to a report by Dark Reading.

"Insider threat management is part psychology and part technology," security expert Rob Rachwald said, according to the news source. "There is a recognition that people work with data and intellectual property but that they don't have a sense of respect for it in the same way that you would have a sense of respect for somebody's wallet."

Decision-makers need to be proactive and implement advanced document protection technologies, including access control and identity management solutions that prevent unauthorized users from viewing confidential records beyond their jurisdiction, Dark Reading noted.

A separate report by Lancope said it is important that employees understand the importance of document security, as ignorant workers may inadvertently jeopardize sensitive information because they simply don't know any better. While deploying advanced protective tools can minimize vulnerabilities, educating the workforce on best practices is a critical aspect of remaining safe.