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Insight into Your Readers with Analytics

June 23, 2016

Insight into Your Readers with AnalyticsAre all digital rights management (DRM) software created equal? What if there is a solution that offers more than just document security? Protectedpdf recently released a new analytics dashboard with eight (more on the way!) unique reports that provide content owners with insightful information on their documents and readers.

These reports contain detailed, real-time data to help content owners actively monitor the performance of their protected documents. By knowing how their documents are being accessed and consumed by readers, content owners can use these metrics to improve the effectiveness of the content to ensure they are engaging their audience.

Two of my favourite reports are the “Highest Read-Through-Rate by Document” and “Highest Read-Through-Rate by Reader”. These reports can track each reader and record the pages of a document that they’ve visited. By tracking the pages viewed in their document, these reports allow the content owner to identify which documents best capture the attention of their readers. They also allow content owners to understand which part of the document is being utilized the most. As a result, the author of the content can make changes and improvements to their documents accordingly to further enhance the reader experience.

Content owners can also use this data to provide more pro-active support to their readers. The “Most Failed Attempts” report allows them to pin point the readers that are having the most difficulty accessing their documents. With the ability to identify these groups of readers, they will be able to reach out and provide assistance before the readers become frustrated. This will enhance the overall reader experience for their audience.

Modern DRM solutions should offer more than just basic security. All DRM solutions provide some level of security for your content; however, the differences will lie in these additional features that help provide better reader experiences.