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Newsletter: September 2015

September 28, 2015

September - Volume 5, Issue 9

  • Responding to a Document Security Breach
  • Why Do Data Breaches Occur?
  • Preventing Document Security Breaches - Toolkit
  • Someone Has Plagiarized My Content - What do I do?
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Dealing with the Weakest Link in Your Security: Your Employees

September 24, 2015

Did you know that 58 percent of data breaches are caused by employees? Just recently, personal data of millions of former students of British Columbia and Yukon was exposed due to mishandling by a government employee. Security breaches have become a common occurrence. In many cases, companies fall victim to coordinated attacks by sophisticated hacker, but often network and data breaches occur[...]

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Video: Web Viewer

September 22, 2015

How to retrieve the secured web link for your protected document to send to your readers. This secured web link directs readers to the web viewer version of your protectedpdf document.

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How Secure is Your Data in the Cloud?

September 10, 2015

Cloud sharing platforms are a popular tool to share and store your documents. Those documents may be safe while they reside in your cloud account, however, have you ever wonder what happens once those files leave the secured space? They become vulnerable and anyone who gets their hands on them will be able to do whatever they want with your content.

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The Worst Data Breaches in History

September 03, 2015

When hackers broke into the Sony networks last November, not only was it embarrassing for several executives (and entertaining for the rest of us), but it also exposed a problem that is all too common these days. Hacking is never going to go away. Hackers will keep getting better and so will the software to prevent them, and so this cycle will go on and on. Your intellectual property and[...]

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Which Documents Should You Protect?

August 26, 2015

Not all documents are created with an equal purpose. Some have information that you wouldn’t mind getting released to the public; it might even benefit your company. However, others have highly sensitive data and information that would be damaging without document security. When considering a document protection plan, you’ll first need to determine whether or not your company has data,[...]

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Newsletter: August 2015

August 26, 2015

August - Volume 5, Issue 8

  • How Data Breaches Can Affect Brand and Reputation
  • How Much Does a Data Breach Cost? A Quick Worksheet
  • Safeguard confidential materials stored on laptops
  • Obfuscation or Encryption for Document Security?
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Why Do Data Breaches Occur?

August 20, 2015

Data breaches seem to happening left and right these days, and companies of all different types and sizes are getting targeted. Has there been some sort of uprising of cybercriminals or are these companies just being careless? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons these data breaches occur.

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Someone Has Plagiarized My Content – What do I do?

August 13, 2015
It’s an unfortunate thing, but plagiarism occurs often in today’s digital age. So what can you do if you’ve discovered your content plagiarized? Here are a few tips you can follow if you find yourself in this situation.

Contact the webmaster

Many websites will have contact information for their webmaster. If you’ve discovered your content on someone else’s website, you can ask the webmaster[...]

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Responding to a Document Security Breach

August 07, 2015

Great. The unthinkable has happened to your company. Along with Sony, Home Depot, Target, and Apple, you can add your company to the long list of recent data security breaches. With the overwhelming feeling of dread, sense of loss, and panic, there’s confusion. What do you need to do to take control of the situation? Here are some steps to take in responding to a document security breach.

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Preventing Document Security Breaches – Toolkit

July 30, 2015

A data breach is defined as the unintentional release of secure information to an untrusted environment –also known as a data leak or a data spill. Facebook, LinkedIn, eHarmony, Apple and the US Army have all been victim to such “accidents”. I tend to think that data breach is intentional, and I have numbers to back me up!

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Newsletter: July 2015

July 29, 2015

July - Volume 5, Issue 7

    • Now share encrypted files to Salesforce CRM with Protectedpdf document security
    • 5 Steps to protecting your company's privacy
    • 6 Cyber security tips everyone should know
    • Risk grader helps assess risk for security breach and copyright protection
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How Data Breaches Can Affect Brand and Reputation

July 23, 2015

It is a big lost for any organization experiencing a data breach. In terms of impact on reputation, not all data breaches are equal. Some breaches are more devastating than others to an organization’s reputation and brand image. However, most organizations do agree that their reputation is one of their most important and valuable assets.   Data protection and security are critical elements in[...]

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Safeguard confidential materials stored on laptops

July 16, 2015

Laptops are useful for a number of reasons, especially for employees on the go. These computers enable workers to complete tasks remotely and can help them stay productive from across the globe.

However, laptop users face several security risks. Mobile devices could be stolen or lost, and the ramifications can be severe for workers and their employers. Unauthorized users may access[...]

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Now Share Encrypted Files to Salesforce CRM with Protectedpdf Document Security

July 16, 2015

[PRWeb | Vancouver, July 16, 2015] Vitrium™ announced today that it has integrated Salesforce with Protectedpdf (the popular cloud-based document DRM document security and control software solution). This evolution was a response to customers who are demanding secure document sharing, making it easier to share secured Protectedpdf files with this popular CRM system, along with several other[...]

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Obfuscation or Encryption for Document Security?

July 09, 2015

We just recently included 256-bit military grade encryption in Protectedpdf®’s suite of document security features, in addition to our long-standing obfuscation method of digital rights management. You may be wondering what is the difference between these two security techniques. While each has its own benefits, they also serve different needs. Most organizations are likely going to find one[...]

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Video: Multiple Select

July 07, 2015

A demonstration of how easy it is now to select and delete multiple values at the same time such as readers lists, document lists, policies, etc.

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How Much Does a Data Breach Cost? A Quick Worksheet

July 02, 2015

  For many companies who understand the risk of a breach of confidential information, the ability to quantify the risk can be elusive. Justifying the cost of implementing controls is difficult if the c-suite can’t be convinced of a problem, and the “c’s” are unlikely to understand arguments that don’t come with some dollars attached. The “risk” seems too nebulous, and easily dismissed as[...]

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6 Cyber Security Tips Everyone Should Know

June 25, 2015

Our moms were actually pretty good at setting us up with good habits. Just like brushing our teeth everyday, or washing our hands before eating, we need to develop some good habits when it comes to our daily interaction with our technology, especially computing technology. We’d never dream of leaving our car unlocked, or leaving our bike unsecured on a busy street, so in just the same way, we[...]

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Risk Grader Helps Assess Risk for Security Breach and Copyright Protection

June 25, 2015

[PRWEB | Vancouver, June 25, 2015] Vitrium™ has added a free “risk grader” tool to its website that allows visitors looking for copyright protection, or protection of sensitive information, to quickly assess how at risk they are for a document security breach.

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